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Starbucks Our Shared Home, But The Butcher In Me Wants To Kill the Pig In You

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April 7, 2014

Starbucks Our Shared Home,
But The Butcher In Me Wants To Kill the Pig In You

Think of me when next you pour more cinnamon
on the counter than you do in your tea
Think of me when you walk away knowing that the next in line
is usually me not the employee charged with cleaning it
for a fee
Think of me when next you casually dispatch the wrong lid
chosen or accidentally drop it on the floor
Think of me picking it up as you walk out the door

And when your shaky hands causes the milk to mis-pour
like you have done so many times before
Know that the first to arrive is not always the employee
of the store
Remember when making room in your cup, you are not
settling a score
The garbage containers always have an ample opening
for sure
Be it my Chai Tea or your Macchiato, Cappuccino or
Iced Americano,
Think of me by remembering we both share and enjoy
the usage of this store

It truly disturbs me to think your aim at the hole
when holding your cup
Could get so much worst when aiming at the bowl
while holding your pup.
Think of me when the next to use the facility walks in
behind me and all over the floor lies evidence of your pee
them clearly thinking just how much of a pig I must be

And for you who nature has seen fit to empower
you with an inverted hose
You are nature’s creature with a known monthly
You are a miracle that with better public personal care
then no one else ever knows
If only you could maintain a more respectful bathroom

So think of me when next you first walk into ‘My Starbucks”
Put yourself into the shoes of those having to clean the floors
Think of me when next your prepare your very special brew
Think not only of yourself; instead try thinking of the entire
Starbuck’s crew
This includes two important customers, both me and you.


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